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A dynamic system based on flexible and granular permissions, with spam protection, forums, file management, media gallery, calendars, polls, site-wide search, RSS feeds, and more!
Frustrated by hunting for compatible 3rd party plugins? glFusion offers it all right out of the box!

glFusion News

  • Getting Ready for glFusion v1.6.0

    We are getting ready for the next major release of glFusion, version 1.6.0.  I'm really excited about this release as it brings a ton of new features and capabilities!  We are running the latest version here at glfusion.org, so you can already see one of the great new features, the ability to integrate (completely) 3rd party comment engines. glFusion now supports it's own internal comment engine (what we've all known for years), Disqus and Facebook Social comments.  You decide which best suits your needs. We've decided to give the Disqus engine a try here.  A few other features you may notice is our new social sharing and social follow integration. Now you have the ability to enable fully integrated social sharing of your content items (stories, photographs, files, etc.).  Also, each user can now select the social media services they participate in and have follow me icons show up in their user profile.  This is just a small sample of what we have packaged in glFusion v1.6.0.  Head over to http://sandbox.glfusion.org to see what can be done with the new headlines and newimages auto tags and the newly integrated UniteGallery (in Media Gallery).
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  • glFusion v1.5.1 Now Available

    We are pleased to announce the availability of glFusion v1.5.1.  This release continues to fine tune glFusion, providing several minor bug fixes to our last major release.  We also added a new enhancement, increasing the size of the story and static page IDs from 40 characters to 128.

    For our users who are already running glFusion v1.5.0, we are providing incremental archives which only contain the files changed from v1.5.0.  For folks running an older version of glFusion, you will need to use the full distribution archive.  For both the incremental and full distributions, once the files have been copied to your server, run the Upgrade Wizard. We hope you enjoy this new release!
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  • Plugin Updates

    We have released several plugin and theme updates to support glFusion v1.5.0.  Check out the Download Area for the latest releases. The following updates have been released; DocuWiki Plugin v3.0.0, Chameleon Theme v3.0.0, Private Message Plugin v2.0.0, GUS Plugin v2.2.0, and the UIKIT Framework Base Theme v1.0.0.
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Content Management

glFusion supports multiple types of content - articles, discussion forums, files, photos, video, audio and many more. All configurable and extendable with additional plugins.

Open Source

Open Source development opens the door for everyone to participate and collaborate on glFusion features and functions. Fork us at GitHub


Out of the box, glFusion comes with several protections against spam and bots. Tools including filters for known bot types, spam prevention, and user validation through various types of user friendly CAPTCHA options.


glFusion comes with several plugins already installed, but there are many more plugins available to bring additional functionality to your site. Setup a shopping cart, private messages, and many other plugins.

Developer Friendly

glFusion has a well documented API allowing you to develop plugins, auto tags, and other customizations through existing hooks and APIs.

Auto Tags

Auto tags provide the flexibility to integrate various types of content together. Embed slide shows in articles, easily create links to other content. The power and flexibility of auto tags opens up endless possibilities to create a unique site.